How to Avoid a Plumber’s Visit on Black Friday

Avoid a Plumber’s Visit

Following Thanksgiving day, plumbing problems usually start to trouble homeowners on Black Friday. With many people gathered in your home to celebrate Thanksgiving, it also becomes a busy day for your house facilities. Without proper plumbing care and maintenance, the heavy use of your kitchen and bathroom can easily result in clogged drains and leaky faucets. There’s nothing you can really do when these plumbing emergencies happen except to call the pros and pay expensive repair costs.

Learn from your mistake; avoid a plumber’s visit on Black Friday by following these effective plumbing tips.

Don’t stuff your garbage disposal

Many homeowners tend to think that having a garbage disposal will save their plumbing pipes from clogs or blockages. Garbage disposals grind up food items so that it goes down into the pipes in smaller pieces. However, when a large amount of food waste or debris is thrown at once into the garbage disposal, the device may not be able to do its job. As a result, large pieces of food waste go down the pipes and form a blockage.

When washing the dishes after a Thanksgiving meal, remember not to throw grease, oil, and other fatty products into the drain as they can solidify and form a clog. Throwing in the turkey bones can also hurt your pipe walls, which may lead to leaks.

Use a sink strainer

Aside from the big chunks of food that may cause a pipe blockage, a sink strainer also prevents silverwares and utensils from going down the drain. Sink strainers are now available in a wide array of materials, designs, colors, and shapes. For your kitchen sink, it is ideal to use a mesh sink strainer since it has high density holes and can filter the tiniest food debris.

Schedule shower time at home

If there are many people staying in your home during the holiday, remember to allow your bathroom shower at least 20 minutes break in between use so that water can drain properly. Otherwise, water may overflow and cause a flood in your bathroom.

Schedule regular plumbing maintenance.
If you want to enjoy the Black Friday sale in malls instead of attending to plumbing repairs, you have to start hiring the pros for regular plumbing care and maintenance. With a well-maintained plumbing system, you will be able to enjoy holiday celebrations more with family and friends.

Why hire a plumbing expert

Do not try to be a DIY expert during the holidays. If you have not tried clearing a clogged drain or fixing a pipe leak before, now is not the time to experiment. When you attempt to do plumbing fixes on your own, you run the risk of causing further damage to the system and wasting gallons of water.

What does a plumber do to improve your home’s plumbing system? A plumber stops plumbing problems, like leaks, at the source, preventing it from coming back. Save money and help preserve the good working condition of your plumbing system by hiring a plumbing expert today.


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