6 Key Benefits of Using a Split System Air Conditioner


Making the right choice of an air conditioning system can be challenging. Many factors should be considered such as the size and the partition of the rooms, the building’s age, and the budget. Overall, there is no single system that can be used universally in all buildings. The most effective way to choose the appropriate system for a home is to thoroughly look for all the options. For a few building, ducted systems will be a good selection while for others split air conditioner systems are a good option. Some of the benefits of a split system air conditioner are-

#1. Ease Of Installation

To get chill air from the condenser into the room that needs cooling, traditional air conditioning systems require the installation of lengthy and costly ducts. This is very costly and increases the overall cost of the air conditioning system radically. A split system air conditioner usually required only some kind of cable and small copper tubes to operate. However, as far as the maintenance is required, you need to take care of the condenser, the compressor, and the expansion coil to keep your air conditioner in the best functioning mode.

#2. Hidden Compressors

A traditional air conditioning system needs to be close to the house for it to function efficiently. A split system air conditioner can be used to link a passage that allows the user more freedom to install the outdoor compressor. The compressor can be hidden in the corner of the house or the garage or in a shed, as long as it is within 30 meters from the house where the air cooling system should be fitted.

#3. No Windows

A window unit is required for a central air conditioning system and a hole needs to be cut in the wall or one of the existing windows should be sacrificed to set up the AC. For a split system air conditioner, the interior portions can be installed anywhere in the house. It never happens that air conditioning systems take air from outside, as it is a sealed system that brings cool and pressurized refrigerant to the be used as part of the ac.

#4. Long Term Cost Savings

The initial investment cost for a split system is more compared to that of a traditional system. The long-term running cost is low. Since the systems are electrically powered, they can be subsidized with the help of solar power. This makes the split air conditioning system cost effective.

#5. Convenience In Maintenance

For a traditional air conditioner, preventive maintenance is a must for it to be efficient. For a split air conditioner system, the maintenance is very easy. New filters need not purchased every time. The filters in the system can be cleaned and put back into the system. The occasional factor that needs to be considered is the outdoor portion of the split air conditioner that needs to be clean.

#6. No Noise

One of the primary problem areas of the central air conditioning system is that it is very noisy. The large motors need to move the chilled air through the ducts and into the surroundings of the home. This creates noise that people usually don’t like to hear. Compared to these systems, a split system air conditioner hardly makes any kind of noise. These systems are so much quiet that they can be installed in an infant’s room, library or study room and not worry about bothering the occupants.

You can now hire the best experts to install the split system air conditioning. Look for the quality of the refrigerant after a few months, because the refrigerant is moved through copper pipes and then there is very little need for the air inside the room that needs to be ventilated.


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