Our favorite search engine, Google, has diversified into several categories of development over the years. Google went from being a mere search engine that had literally all the information from around the world—from topics about general knowledge, news, products, the “how-to’s,”  anything you can think of—to developing its own software and now expanding into its own range of smart products.

Smart products have become a buzz among domestic households, especially now that they are available to this segment rather than for only commercial use. Smart products help automate your home in different ways; they may not be automatic doors or motion-sensor escalators, but they include smart lights, smart kitchen appliances, smart cameras, and much more. These products also help cut down on your energy consumption and you know what that means? Having your own green footprint, of course, but also reduced utility bills!

Here are 4 Google Smart Home devices that allow for improvement in our homes. Take your lifestyle up a notch with these little devices that work the magic of today’s technology.

#1. Google Nest Home Mini Smart Speaker

One fact you must know about any and all smart devices is that they’re accessible through our mobile devices via their purpose-built mobile apps. These devices themselves connect to our home Wi-Fi network in order to carry out their function.

The Nest Mini is Google’s second-generation smart speaker (also known as a voice assistant) that can carry out different tasks with a simple voice command. It can sync to other compatible smart devices around the house, making it easier to control them, like your smart lights or smart coffee maker. Play music from your Spotify playlists, YouTube, or even check for the traffic situation by simply starting with “Hey Google”.

Furthermore, you can set reminders and schedules, and even schedules for your other smart devices synced to the Nest Mini. Send texts or place calls if your hands are occupied too; this device is like having a virtual assistant in your home.

#2. Google Nest Hello

A video doorbell with so many amazing features that your standard video intercom can’t beat. The Nest Hello can differentiate between a person and an object and send alerts to your mobile phones, laptops, or tablets whenever the bell rings or if it detects anyone outside—even if the bell hasn’t rung!

What’s more is that the device also supports two-way audio, so while you’re watching the video from your tablet, you can even speak to whoever is outside. The Nest Hello’s video feed is in HD quality, even the best during the night, with clear visibility and full head-to-toe camera coverage.

With a subscription to Google Nest Aware, you can unlock more features like identifying specific people at your door by name and even a 24/7 video storage option for you to go back and view the video stream in case of anything.

#3. Google Nest Cam

Watch over your home with the Google Nest Cam, the best upgrade to surveillance cameras that this world needed. The Nest Cam resembles the old webcams that we attached to our computers and laptops back when there were no built-in cameras, basically making them sleek and discreet when it comes to design.

These cameras deliver HD-quality video with night vision and two-way audio to support easy communication from both ends of the camera. The video feed is accessible through its mobile application, which can be downloaded onto our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, giving us easier access from anywhere, anytime—that includes being out of the city, just so you know. Amazing right? Get alerts on your mobile devices as well, whenever any motion is detected.

#4. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

As the name suggests, the Nest Learning Smart Thermostat quite literally learns your preferred temperatures. This smart thermostat is better than the standard one you already have in your home. It gives us complete access to the device from anywhere, at any time, through its designated mobile application.

Not only does it work using motion detection or phone location, but it also reduces your bills over time by monitoring the use of the thermostat. It switches off when no one’s around and even adjusts itself automatically to your preferred temperatures when you are around, or an eco-friendly one too.

Google Smart Devices have made it pretty easy and quite affordable to improve your home life and lifestyle. The devices mentioned above range from $50 to $250 and are available at First Energy Home’s website.

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