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The efficiency and easy usability of a power tool are the fundamental criteria by which it should be evaluated. Whether you want mobility, a better price, safety, or efficiency, cordless power tools have you covered. Not only are cordless tools liked by many people who enjoy DIY projects, but they are becoming increasingly popular among professional handymen.

If you like the idea of getting to carry a power tool and using it anywhere at ease, you’ll like cordless tools. Given below are some perks that you will only experience with cordless tools.

How do cordless tools work?

Back in 2004, people did not know that cordless tools could even exist one day. In 2005, Makita introduced the first cordless tools. These tools were powered by lithium-ion battery technology. Therefore, these tools were rechargeable and had a significant amount of time for which they could run between recharges.

As the lithium-ion battery and power tool industries progress, the performance of cordless tools has been on the rise. When you buy a new cordless tool today, you will notice a massive increase in delivery. As technology progresses, the charge-time for cordless tools is reducing and the run-time is increasing.

Cordless tools have become so powerful that even professional tradespeople and handymen have started to utilize them. They took a long time to adapt to these tools for genuine reasons. The efficiency of battery-powered cordless tools was not at par with corded tools, and that was an issue. Another problem was that professionals could not rely on limited run-time.

Advantages of Cordless Tools

Cordless tools have a massive impact on the motor and tool industry. The perks that these tools possess are immense. In this section, you will read about the many perks of battery-powered cordless tools.

Better Organization

The foremost benefit of cordless tools is, without a doubt, doing away with cords. Cords tend to tangle in one another. They are a nightmare if you have a lot of corded tools and are looking for ways to store them. More likely than not, the cords will make the neatest of the organization look and seem crowded for no reason.

With the help of cordless tools, you do not have to organize anything other than the working section of the tool itself. This increases workplace organization massively. Cordless tools also tend to work for longer because of the lack of risk of cords being cut short or cut by pests. After all, cords are the hearts and tails of corded tools.

Reduction in Cord-Related Work Injuries

In busy workspaces, cords are the primary cause of workplace injuries. Cords are the reason many handymen trip, slip and fall while working with power tools. This is extremely dangerous because, mostly, these handymen work with sharp objects or hazardous instruments.

There is no risk of falling over with the help of cordless tools because someone’s leg got stuck in the cord. Cordless tools create a safe working environment for everyone.

Increased Portability

Many handymen need to carry multiple tools from their workstations to sites. Cordless tools make portability convenient. Since power tools take less space, they can be taken from one place to another easily.

Another great thing that contributes the portability of cordless tools is that they are generally lightweight. When compared to older corded tools, most cordless tools are much lighter and take up less space.

Work Flexibility

If you use corded tools, you must know how inconvenient it is to look for a power plug and work in the power source’s proximity. At times, you might want to take the tool a little further, but you can’t because the tool has distance limits.

You don’t have to concern yourself with the distance limitation with cordless tools. They can be used anywhere and do not need an external power source to work. So that you can use it in the middle of nowhere, even when you do not have electricity in the vicinity.

Multiple Batteries

The general misconception that cordless tools run out of battery too often is what has held people back from using them. However, with advanced technology, most of these concerns are moot since lithium-ion batteries have come a long way since their inception.

Most cordless tools come with energy-dense batteries. This allows even professionals who must use the tools for extended periods to work with cordless tools. In case charging is still an issue, you could always carry extra batteries. Charging several batteries at home and carrying 3–4 batteries on-site is the new norm for handymen.

Better Technology

As new and enhanced technology and features appear in the market, tools get better. However, it is necessary to note that most of these enhanced technologies are only available for new tools. This means that if a drill manufacturing company creates a new motor, they will only make it battery-compatible.

If you want to stay on par with modern technology and efficiency, cordless tools are the way to go. Due to the many new things incorporated in cordless tools, they can easily surpass corded tools, even though corded tools have a higher voltage performance.


Cordless tools first emerged in the shape of drills. For many years, drills were the only popular cordless tools. However, over the years, as battery life and other efficiency determinants have evolved, so have cordless tools.

In modern times, not only can you find high-power cordless drills, but you can also encounter cordless grinders, screwdrivers, and impact wrenches, to name a few. With a wide variety of cordless tools, you can make do with the few spare batteries you might have and shuffle them between better-efficiency tools.


Tools, much like any other commodity, experience massive performance and utility changes each year. Since their introduction in 2005, cordless tools have seen a complete evolution. Additionally, they have evolved the motors and tools industry for good. Gone are the days when you had to deal with pesky cords. Cordless tools make working on a site easier and safer.

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