5 Essential Products for Kitchen Improvement

Traditional Kitchen

Here’s a list of 5 kitchen items that are essential if you want to improve your cooking skills

  1. Sieve or strainer

A sieve or strainer is utilized in large scale to fulfill kitchen needs. From using it to drain pasta, sift dry ingredients and even make citrus juice,  rinse canned beans, remove blanched vegetables from boiling water, remove berry seeds from berry sauces or coulis, strain herbs and spices from sauces, make yogurt cheese.  Sieves and strainers come in a great variety of sizes and can be kept in the cabinet to save space.

  1. Whisk

Whisks are another must have kitchen product that can be used for both wet and dry ingredients. A small whisk can easily whisk up a brown sugar cinnamon topping for muffins and it can be used to beat the eggs for the very same muffin recipe. A larger whisk can be utilized to combine the dry ingredients for a cake and after that it can be used to whip up whipped cream.

Use Electric mixers for doing big jobs or if you happen to whip and beat ingredients regularly, but having a set of small whisk can make small mixing jobs very easy

  1. Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring sauces and batters as well as serving food and tossing salads. Wooden spoons, which come in an array of different woods, shapes and sizes, won’t scratch nonstick cookware and won’t melt like some plastic or synthetic spoons. Buy a variety of different types of wooden spoons and keep them within arm’s reach while cooking.

  1. Spatulas

Spatulas is also known as turners or scrapers it depends on the shape, encompass a large variety of different-sized utensils. Turners are wide and flat and they can be used to flip food or transfer it. Baking and pastry spatulas are long and skinny, make frosting cakes and other desserts easier. Scrapers, which come in an variety of shapes and sizes, can be used to scrape batter or other wet ingredients from mixing bowls. You should keep your Kitchen drawers stocked with one or two of each atleast.

  1. Kitchen tongs

Another neat kitchen tool is kitchen tongs; it can fulfill many kitchen needs. Tongs can be used from tossing the pasta or vegetables and salad to safely transferring hot food from the grill or pan to a dinner plate. You can use tongs to protect your hands from cold when you are going through your freezer. Tongs are also an ideal utensil to serve foods included in a buffet.



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