Best Kitchen Update Ideas That Cost Less and Make You More


A beautiful kitchen is something every homeowner wants. It’s a space where memories are formed, experiences are shared, and loved ones come together. Without spending a fortune, you can find easy, affordable ways to make improvements to your kitchen and update your space to attract buyers and add value to your home.

When selling your home, don’t let your budget keep you from making important updates. Here are five easy ways to update your kitchen without the cost of remodeling.

Clean, then clean some more

The easiest solution for updating the appearance of your kitchen is to give it a deep clean. This can highlight problem areas and instantly enhance the look of your space. A majority of top realtors say cleaning is their number one priority.

Brighten with paint, backsplash and lighting

Painting the interior of your kitchen is an affordable, essential upgrade before selling your home. Take on a modern look by coating your walls with a warm white to make your area appear cleaner and more spacious.

Adding a backsplash can give your room charm and personality. Apply patterned ceramic tile or wainscoting panels on a small wall to add texture while maintaining a fresh, trendy look.

Updated lighting can change the feel of your space. Add pendants over your island or peninsula, or add puck lighting under your cabinets to add ambiance and warm tones.

Cabinets and countertops

Upgrading your cabinet hardware can make a big difference, plus it’s affordable and not a huge time investment. Whether you switch to silver or brass pulls, make sure your faucet matches to create a cohesive, modern space. You can brighten your room by installing or painting white cabinets. If you choose to have wooden or darker cabinets, consider white countertops for a nice contrast.

If you have the budget, replacing countertops can update your space. You don’t want chipped or scratched counters to be why someone walks away from your home. If you aren’t interested in replacing your counters completely, you can hire a handyman to seal epoxy paint over your counters for a price of around $400.

Simple staging

Presentation isn’t everything, but it’s enough to be noticed. Real estate agents are most likely to recommend the kitchen for staging over other areas in the home.

Using focal points in your space can make the space feel comfortable and lived-in, while also deterring unwanted attention away from outdated appliances or problem areas. Add jars, cook books, rugs, and center pieces, but don’t go overboard. Any more than five items can make a space look cluttered.


If your budget allows, replacing old appliances is an effective way to get a return on your investment and update your kitchen. Consider stainless steel or a sleek white for a fresh, clean look that can mesh well with the rest of the room.

Although new appliances can cost more, it requires minimal effort on your part and can make your home look brand new.

Prefer to skip the updates and sell as is?

Although there are a number of updates you can make that don’t individually cost a fortune, piling on these projects can result in a large expense. If you’d rather skip the repairs and updates, and sell your home as is, you’re not alone. Consider all of your options and remember, there are advantages and disadvantages to every approach. Make sure you research and consider your options carefully when making the right decision.


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