Window Blinds Are Easy To Use – Know How?

Window Blinds

Window Blinds are the window covering which are kept over the glass windows to cover in order to avoid too much brightness from the window to the room. It also provides privacy and does not let anyone outside see anything from the inside of a house. The modern designer curtains have been replaced by the window blinds that work in a push and pull manner to lower or raise the blinds and adjusting the light to come in. Using the window blinds is pretty easy as you do not need to unlock anything because this doesn’t come with lock system. Hence, there are no chances for losing the keys. But there are times when the blinds just don’t work according to their mechanism and there is a need to get them repaired so that they can function properly.

Here are some of the useful ways to keep your window blinds in good condition and make them function properly.

Single String Blinds

Single string blinds are the ones which function by just pulling a string from one side. So when you have to raise the blinds, all you have to do is pull one side of the string slowly and steadily to let the blinds carry the weight. Pulling the strings forcefully will break the system and will hinder the opening of the blinds. So make sure you are steady and slow with it.

Pulling down the blinds is mostly about losing the another side of the string (not the one which you pulled). The process of single string blinds works like a circle. If pulled in a clockwise direction, it can open the blinds whereas if it is pulled in anti-clockwise, the string lowers the blind. This is how adjusts you can use this easy technique to operate it.

Double Shade Blinds

These are double shade blinds made for windows which have two shades of glasses on them. The glasses have the divide according to the upper and the lower height.  Thus, one can surely make use of the blinds to cover up the duo shades or any combination of it.

This one has two strings on both sides adjust the height of the blinds from below and above so that the blinds cover a part of the upper height as well a part of the lower one.

Double String Blinds

These blinds have 2 strings because of which the load of the blinds is shifted to the two ends. The blind must be pulled from the both side to open and close the both sides of the blind. In order to close the blinds completely, the blinds should be loose from both ends.Also, one should take care that they are gentle while doing this otherwise, the strings shall not be able to take the load of the blinds and break midway. This will increase the cost and expense on the window blinds.

When Strings Don’t Work!

The window blinds are often the messiest window options because of its string system which does not work well in all the situations. Sometimes it gets off the rolling ball that it is set on and other times it is stuck somewhere which makes it impossible to pull the blind easily. As a result, we end up pulling it hard and breaking it. The best way to handle this is by applying some oil for loosening the grip of the string and allowing it to move freely on the window steel. Doing it once every month or after a long gap would make your task easier and save a lot of your time too.

Window blinds help in making the light adjustments of the house while keeping your privacy on.  Thus, one should make sure that they learn how to use it properly and invest money appropriately in choosing blinds for your home.


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