How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer


Space Maximization

If you’re going to get the most from your property, you’ll need to maintain it on the outside and the inside.Landscaping work is certainly considerable, where appropriate; but it’s not enough. Additionally, you need to “landscape” the interior. There’s a valid analogy, here. First, consider: when you clean your home, does it ever stay that way?

If you scrub the floors, wipe the walls, clean the windows, do the dishes, organize the kitchen, the dining room, the sitting room, the entertaining rooms, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the garage, how long is it before everything is disarrayed again? A lot shorter if you have children!

The truth is, entropy makes an entry into homes even if you do your best to counteract it, just as it impacts the yard—but perhaps less dramatically. Still, things break, furniture wears out, trends pass by, and sometimes you’ve just got to switch out that carpet for hardwood floors. The thing is, what you need to do, and what you’d like to do can be confusing. Also, it may take you time to realize what makes the most sense.

If you want to have your home look as though a professional interior designer brought their skill to your property, you’ll want to move things around at intervals, and truly digest. You’ve got to feel a room, you’ve got to inhabit a room, and you’ve got to change it up as you notice the need. Following, several additional interior decorating tips will be considered.

Mirrors Expand Light

You want a room to feel big even if it isn’t. Mirrors spread light—they effectively double it. A room that has a mirror across a back wall feels twice as large. Certainly wall-to-ceiling mirrors aren’t appropriate for every space, but strategically placed looking glasses of various styles, and framed in various ways, can really do a lot for a room.

Pictures are also important to consider. You want art pieces which match the décor of a room. Granted, you can deliberately “clash” decorative arrangements to make a statement, but it’s best to be aware if you’re doing so. For example, if you’ve got a relatively “Spartan” interior design scheme, lavish frames of famous Botticelli paintings may not quite fit! Unless you’re making that aforementioned statement.

Pictures, paintings, and mirrors make spaces feel larger, and can be just what a room’s corner needs. You want to be strategic about using them, but they’re worth considering if you haven’t before.

Diverse Seating

A chain that hangs a wicker chair with cushions can be an interesting piece to make your room feel unique, while simultaneously making it easier to clean. You just hoist the chain a bit and sweep or vacuum beneath. You may not even need to do that, if the chair is high enough off the ground.

Love-seats that wrap around walls or furniture pieces can be interesting as well, and you might want to look into a little bit of remodeling which helps you more efficiently stage a space. Getting rid of a wall may be just the thing to open up your home, expanding its value.

Look Into Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Cabinetry

At this website,https:/, you can find Ready To Assemble cabinets. RTA solutions make it look as though the cabinets you’ve installed were designed when the home itself was built. They have a more “organic” feel, and look exceptionally professional. Additionally, they’re not just for the kitchen.

There are RTA solutions for the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedrooms, and anywhere else where you may have a unique need for specifically-designed cabinet solutions of top-tier quality.

Getting That “Interior Designer” Look

What interior designers do, in large part, is do the most they can with the space they’re given. Some spaces do better with a Spartan motif, as briefly explored earlier, while others are more likely to benefit from luxurious appointments. Different rooms will have different “spirits”, if you will. Finding which spirit is in which room may require shuffling things around a few times.

Look into unique seating. Look into RTA cabinets, and expand the way rooms feel in terms of size with mirrors, pictures, paintings, or what works. Lastly, don’t be afraid of a little remodeling where appropriate!


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