Impact Windows

The majority of homeowners in the United States that decide to install impact windows largely do so for the added storm protection. Have you considered the fact that these windows also reduce the chance you’ll ever be the victim of a break-in?

They’re a great way to upgrade the security features of your home.

Intruders consider a home’s windows to be an easy point of access. They may even proceed with their intent when seeing an alarm sensor on the window thinking they can be in and out long before the police officers arrive. Impact windows put a new spin on that old theory! The would-be intruder will literally be stopped mid-swing when instead of following through, his strike stops short with a dull thud.

Built for a beating

Impact windows are truly an amazing product. Videos posted online of people actually trying their best to destroy them can be amusing. Even though the glass may crack to pieces while sustaining blow after blow, they will not come apart.

Impact windows are made using tempered glass. In addition to being somewhat stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass breaks differently. The molecular structure of glass actually changes while undergoing the rapid heating and cooling process. Rather than breaking into shards and splinters, tempered glass more so crumbles into small rounded pellets.

But, one would rather the brute trying to break-in would have to deal with the shards if he’s coming through anyway. Agreed?

No worries. He’s not coming in.

Impact windows contain a material, usually, a high-tech polymer, sandwiched between the panes of glass. It absorbs the impact and holds the glass in place so your window stands strong—even when struck repeatedly!

“Impact windows are key to increasing your home’s structural integrity. They provide a homeowner with the added insurance that what’s meant to stay outside, stays outside—whether it’s storm debris or an intruder,” said Randy Reece, CEO at Reece Builders / Windows.

Even though manufacturers don’t intend for your windows to take a beating, it brings peace of mind to know they will, doesn’t it?

They’re more than mighty

We all strive to provide our families with the utmost protection. Yes, peace of mind is a wonderful thing. The added safety factor that these windows provide will have you sleeping a little more soundly at night.

However, impact windows afford homeowners with additional benefits to be enjoyed all year round.

Energy efficiency

Your home will be more energy-efficient after replacing your windows with impact windows. They block airflow as well as the transfer of heat and cold. You’ll experience an increased level of comfort and lower your energy bills to boot!

Sunblock included

You know how important it is to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays. The same goes for your possessions. Impact windows block over 90% of the sun’s UV rays keeping your belongings from being exposed.

So long, sun fade.

Noisy neighbors?

Everyone has experienced that moment when just as you’re settling in to relax with a good book or tune in to your favorite series the neighbors decide to start up the leaf blower, or their dogs tree a squirrel, or…

It can be both annoying and frustrating, to say the least.

Did you realize that impact windows also do an excellent job of muffling, or even completely eliminating, outside noise? Because we become desensitized to sights and sounds around us, you may not realize the value of this fringe benefit until you experience it in your own right.

Making an impact

Replacing the windows in your home is not a thrilling aspect of home maintenance, but there comes a time when it may become necessary. Choosing to install impact windows benefits you with added storm protection and greatly reduces the chance you’ll fall victim to a burglary someday. Moreover, they truly pay for themselves over time in the savings you’ll see in your utility bill. They’ll save you even more by guarding your possessions against damage caused by exposure to the sun.

“What’s great about well-maintained impact windows is that since many manufacturers guarantee them for a lifetime, when it comes time to put your home on the market one day, buyers consider them a huge plus. Homeowners reap the benefits they provide from the moment they’re installed. Then, years down the road, it may be one of the deciding factors when a buyer purchases the home.” said Joshua Silva, CEO, Silva Group.

So, whether it’s time for new windows or you’re just considering an upgrade, you’ll find impact windows offer you benefits you’ll enjoy all year long.

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