Major Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2020


If you are looking to make some improvements to your home’s kitchen, one great place to start are the cabinets. 

To design the perfect kitchen to fit your needs, you are going to need to understand precisely what you need in order to make the best use of your kitchen as well as what you looks you think would best fit with the style of your kitchen and the rest of your home overall. 

While you don’t always want to be completely depend on trends, they are a great way to start narrowing down your search. 

So, let’s go over some of the top trends of kitchen cabinets today! 

Open shelving 

Open shelves definitely look beautiful in magazine, but it’s not necessarily the most utility oriented choice. Of course, if you have a great set of plates, glassware, pots and more, open shelving can be a fantastic way to show them off. 

However, some great reasons to consider open shelving include that they make reaching what you need easier and can they create an open and airy feeling to the room. Still, it’s a major choice to make and you should consider how you’d feel seeing plates and cups and more every time you walk into the kitchen. 

Customized color 

Of course, white is the most common color for kitchen cabinets, but homeowners are now looking to add a little more uniqueness to the kitchen

A different color for your cabinets won’t only set your kitchen cabinets apart, it will also help your cabinets stand out. That’s especially valuable if you have marble or granite tops that you want to show off. 

Lighter, neutrals colors like gray, yellow, and softer greens are super popular. Don’t rule out darker colors like navy, forest green, or something similar however if you want a chic and sleek look. 

Oak is back 

Oak is starting to make a serious comeback when it comes to its use in the kitchen. While they were recently considered to be pretty old fashioned, that traditional look is making a comeback. 

On top of that, oak’s neutral color allows other parts of your kitchen to stand out. That’s especially desired if you are hoping to show off all your brand-new appliances. 

Modern storage solutions 

Part of homeownership in 2020 is simply fighting for socket space to charge your smartphone, iPad, or laptop. For many, updating their kitchen cabinets means increasing charging stations for a range of devices. 

For the most high-tech cabinets, homeowners can even have wireless devices build right into the cabinetry.  This can include speakers, chargers, and more. 

Under-cabinet lighting 

A great way to improve the utility of your kitchen, especially if you are someone who is known to head to the kitchen for a midnight snack, is to add lighting underneath your cabinets. 

These lights aren’t only great to improve the versatility of your kitchen, it can also help create a warm and beautiful ambience that accents the best parts of your kitchen both day and night.


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