Dual Spout

Faucet controls over 100 pounds per square inch of water pressure.  If you have ever watched a comedy show where it has started leaking and then it sprays everywhere, then this is not far from the truth.  Even trying to cover the hole where the water is gushing out of with your finger cannot stop the water – it will just send it in unpredictable directions.

Every Faucet usually has two valves which separates the hot and cold water.  When you turn it on, there is a screw device within the washer which forces a washer down which allows the water to flow through.  When it is turned off, the washer closes the gap, stopping the water from coming out.

A leaky faucet can be a problem – not only the constant drip…drip…drip of the water, but also the waste.  It is relatively easy to fix as it can either be the handle or the washer – usually it is the washer which has degraded and is no longer working properly.

There are a wide variety available on the market which will suit any style, design and budget.  There are two main rooms in which they are used – the bathroom and kitchen.  The one you choose can make it a feature of the room, or can be as understated as you wish.  You will need a bathroom faucet for the bathroom sink, bath and/or shower

There are five main designs to choose from:

  • Centerset
  • Widespread
  • Dual Spout
  • Wall Mount
  • Single Lever

The style which you choose will depend on the number of holes your sink has.  Sinks usually have one or three holes (two are not so common) and it is important that you know the distance between the holes so that when it comes time to purchase your Faucet you buy one which fits.  One other consideration is the distance the sink is from the wall so that you have enough room to use the handles.

Choosing the fixtures for your bathroom/kitchen can be very enjoyable with a wide range of styles to choose from, including ultra modern, antique, replicates, intricate designs and very basic designs.  Make sure you match your fixtures for each room and if you are replacing a Faucet, the perfect match may no longer be available so you may have to look for the closest possible match.

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