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When it comes to home security, there can be no compromise. While you might feel tempted to install the highest level of protection for your front door, you actually want to introduce an adequate level of protection based on a variety of factors such as your location, neighbourhood, financial and family status, and other crucial elements, which we will later discuss.

By following these expert guidelines below, you will be able to easily ascertain the security level of your home and determine the best cost-effective option you need to introduce in order to create a safe living environment and evoke a feeling of peace, serenity and long-term happiness.

Traditional locking mechanisms

The standard locking mechanisms that have been in use since the early 20th century to the present day offer an adequate level of protection for most homes. Although rigid and complex enough to provide a basic level of protection, lever locks can be easily picked by a skilful hand, while deadbolt mechanisms, although able to provide moderate security, can be unhinged and removed completely by a determined assailant.

As a rule of thumb, you can consider lever locks a first-tier security level, best used for in-house locks, office doors and front doors in extremely safe neighbourhoods. Deadbolt mechanisms, on the other hand, are standard front door mechanisms widely used for increased protection. Bear in mind though, deadbolt lock doors come at a significantly higher price, and while the higher security level they provide is worth the investment, you can easily find yourself locked out of your apartment because of their self-lock system.

In case you ever find yourself locked out, lose the keys or if your home requires a new locking system, you can give an experienced emergency locksmith a call and have the problem handled in no time as they provide a 24h service.

Modern solutions

Stemming away from traditional solutions and keeping in touch with modern-day inventions, you will find new and improved ways of maintaining home security at the highest possible level. Contemporary solutions have been able to combine the effectiveness of traditional door locks by using sturdy materials and digital technology to create the automatic sensor lock, or smart lock for short.

Smart locks provide your home with top-level security via an electronic dashboard, which is synced with your smartphone, allowing you to unlock the front door even if you forget the key or give it to someone else. This locking mechanism is also connected to your electronic key and requires a unique password to operate, therefore providing you and your family with the highest security scheme possible.

Keep in mind that smart locks present the most expensive solution on the market, and although their security features are unmatched by other systems, they might not be necessary or the most viable cost-effective solution.

Choosing the perfect locking system

Choosing the right solution entails the use of rational assessment, planning and sound judgement. The temptation you feel to install the most powerful security measures is justified by your need to protect your home and family, yet there are numerous factors that will determine the best solution and save you the unnecessary expenses and potential issues that come with a high-end system.

Consider the factors of stability, family status, neighbourhood security and compare them with your current financial standing and future plans. If you plan on moving in the near future, then a short-term solution might be better, and if you adhere to a strict budget, then a traditional deadbolt lock would be the best option. Consider the fact that most residential areas enjoy a peaceful and safe environment, frequently patrolled and protected by the authorities and various neighbourhood organizations.

Home security is imperative in a time of uncertainty and while there should be no compromise made when it comes to protecting your family and belongings, you should consider various options out there. Determining the best cost-effective solution will lower the risk of stress and tension, while providing long-term security, peace and serenity throughout the household.

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