Will Plants Survive Winter In a Shed?

medium shed

If you have a green thumb, chances are that you probably have quite a few plants in your yard. When the temperatures start to drop, though, you might be left with a lot of sick, damaged, or even dead plants without some precautions. If you don’t already have one, adding a shed to your yard might be just the thing you need–but you might be wondering, will plants even survive the winter in a shed, or is it just way too cold? The answer can be yes, but there are a few things to consider before putting your plants in a shed for the winter. Let’s look into this more.

What Type of Plant is it?

The first thing to consider is the types of plants you need to keep warm during the winter. If you’re not sure, look up their information online. There is usually an ideal temperature range for every kind of plant. If it requires very warm temperatures, you might even need to keep it inside your home to ensure it lives. Some plants will do just fine in a shed during the winter because they’re out of the wind, ice, rain, and snow. However, if it’s a special kind of plant (such as a tropical plant) you might need to give it special care.

If you really need help identifying specific types of plants, and more about them, you can always talk to your local nursery. You might also be able to find plants that are more likely to survive winters in your climate.

Prepare the Plants

If your plant isn’t already in a pot, you’ll need to dig it up from the ground. Make sure you have enough pots for everything before you start digging them up. Remove any dead foliage, and trim back the plant as needed. Also make sure that the plant doesn’t carry critters inside (think aphids, caterpillars, etc.). Some people even use a pesticide on their plants, but that’s up to you. Once the plants are ready for the shed, you’ll need to make sure your shed is set up properly.

Prepare the Shed

The first thing you need to do to prepare your shed for the winter is to clean it. Make sure it’s swept, cobwebs are cleaned, and consider taking measures to prevent bugs from getting in. You don’t want them destroying your plants after you’re going to the effort of trying to keep the plants warm. Consider how much warmth your plants will need. If they are pretty hearty, they might be alright just in the shed without much intervention. However, if you have plants that require a warmer climate to survive, you might need to go as far as insulating your shed or heating it in a safe way. There are several options for this that can keep your shed pretty warm. Some gardening experts also say that putting plants in the corners of your shed will keep them warmer since they’ll be closely protected by two walls, but that really depends on your setup.

If you’re looking to add a shed to your yard, we’d recommend a medium shed from Keter. Keter sheds are weather-resistant, durable, and include great features that could help your plants such as windows and ventilation. With a few careful steps and preventative measures, your plants should be just fine in your shed for the winter.



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