Starting a Cleaning Service is a great way to pick up some extra cash or start a new career that you can do from home.  Many people who need a job that has flexibility and is easy to transport start their own businesses, and house and office cleaning is a service that is in demand everywhere.  You can start a very successful business from home without a lot of investment capital, especially if you’re willing to do most of the work of starting the business yourself.  Even though experts say that starting a business in the current economy is a risky thing to do if you’re starting a service business your chances for success are high.

Service businesses are in higher demand now than ever before, because people need to work harder and work longer hours which means they don’t have time to perform those services for themselves.  Whether you want to start a highly organized Cleaning Service with employees or just a part time housecleaning service that will bring in some extra cash here are some tips from people who successfully run cleaning businesses to help you get started:

Figure Out Your Niche Market

General cleaning services are plentiful, so it will help you get started if you can offer something unique and find a way to reach the people who are interested in that unique aspect of your business. You could specialize in cleaning floors, or cleaning windows, or bathrooms, and offer general cleaning in addition to that. You could offer laundry services as well as Cleaning Services, or work hours that other cleaners generally don’t want to work. Once you figure out exactly the type of customer you’re targeting, such as a person who needs their laundry done as well as the house cleaned, or wants dinner made as well as the house cleaned, find ways to target that customer directly.

Set A Price List

Often people will try to negotiate with service providers, especially in a business like a Cleaning Service when the cost depends on the size of the home or the office, the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, the frequency of the cleaning and other factors. You will save yourself a lot of time and wasted energy if you set a price list before you begin. Make a list of common cleaning needs, such as a one bedroom apartment, a two bedroom home, and so on. Get some help from other Cleaning Service owners if you need to. Then set a high price and a low price for each type of cleaning and don’t deviate from that list.

Use the Web

You can use great website applications like a client scheduler to set up appointments directly through your website and you can accept credit cards and respond to client inquiries through your website. Put some client testimonials on the site too, so that potential clients can hear how great your Cleaning Service is directly from customers.

Starting a Cleaning Service is a great way to bring in extra income no matter where you are. There is always a high demand for cleaning and other service providers.

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