Installing a Home Wireless Security system is one of the best things that you can do to protect your home, yourself, and your family. Not all home security systems are wireless. Some home security alarms have to be wired directly into your home’s wiring and into your home telephone line in order to work.  Wired security systems can be expensive to install and may not be able to cover all the vulnerable areas of your home because they are restricted and can only be used near your home’s existing wiring.

Home Wireless Security systems have a lot of advantages that make them a much more popular choice with homeowners including:

Lower Cost

Because the wireless sensors can fit easily into your home and yard the cost of installation and the purchase cost of the system are much lower than the costs of a wired alarm system.  When you want a system that will work great and not cost a lot the best choice is a wireless alarm system.


Home Wireless Security systems can be used in townhomes and apartments, where wired security alarms can’t be installed unless you own the property.  Because the alarm system doesn’t require any drilling into the walls and doesn’t have to be wired into the household wiring to work it can be moved from one apartment to another or from one house to another very easily.

Better Coverage With A Home Wireless Security

A wireless alarm system can be used in places where a traditional wired security system can’t. You can put sensors on your roof, outside doors, on the back patio, in the garage, and in other outdoor places and outbuildings. The wireless sensors can transmit over a much bigger distance than wired sensors so you can blanket your home and yard with protection even if there are no wired buildings in the vicinity.

Better Protection

A wireless security system is programmed to work on a cellular network so that it can transmit data to the monitoring company and the police or fire department even if the phone or power lines aren’t working. If you have a wired alarm system and experience a natural disaster that knocks out the electricity your alarm system won’t be able to summon help for you, but a Home Wireless Security system will be able to because it is battery operated and uses wireless technology. Or, if the power or electric lines to your home were cut the Home Wireless Security system would still function and be able to send police to the house if someone broke in.

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