How To Achieve Better Air Quality At Home


The earth has become a polluted place to live in. There is hardly any pure air left, thanks to the air pollution. There are many environment factors that pollute the air we breathe. Vehicles, factories, electronic gadgets and appliance, animals and humans, these are the main cause for the pollution. While there is not much that can be done about the air outside the house, you still can successfully control the quality of the air you breathe in indoors. For your over all wellbeing that includes physical fitness and mental stability, it is necessary that you inhale only the best quality air.

Let us look into the ways that you can achieve good quality of air inside your home and office –

Go green –

There is no better way than going natural. The plants can convert the unwanted carbondioxide into useful oxygen. Nothing can beat the quality of the natural and fresh oxygen. It is nontoxic and very healthy for your body. Also, plants have the ability to filter off trace chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde which are present in the air. There are many indoor plants available in the market. You can bring home spider plant, English ivy, peace lily and bamboo palms which grow well in the indoor environment. They do not need much care and grow very well in shade. They not just provide fresh air, but also add to the beauty of the interiors of your home.

Clean often –

There is no other option. You cannot clean your home once a week and expect it to remain tidy. Cleaning and mopping are daily chores that must be done without fail. It is not just enough if you clean the floor. Dust often settles on the furniture, walls, paintings, show pieces and other stuff in the room. So, each of the objects must be wiped and cleaned. Keeping your home tidy will rid most of the dust particles. For tiny dust particles, you can use a vacuum cleaner. If you own a pet, make sure to keep it tidy and combed regularly.

Ventilation –

Thinking that open doors and windows will allow dirt inside the room is a common misconception. It is not always the case. In fact, the higher the ventilation, lower the chances of microbes and moulds growing inside the room. So open the windows and let the fresh air come in. Installing an exhaust fan near the window will let the air flow in easily. This can control the air pollutants and also regulate moisture.

Moisture control –

Moisture plays an important role in the growth of microbes and the accumulation of dust inside the home. It is suggested that a room have 40 to 60% relative humidity. This is the best way control allergens. This humidity will keep the mould and mildew from growing.

House air purifier

This is a very recent and the best way to get guaranteed fresh air. It is a machine that removes the dust particles, allergens, moulds, etc. and will purify the air you breathe. It has been found that air purifiers can help in improving the life of people suffering from allergy, asthma, and depression. You need to buy the best affordable air purifier for a clean indoor environment and living a healthy life.

These are some ways to inhale the best quality air in your home.


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