A Home Alarm is something that most people don’t think about getting until it’s too late and they need one.  Many homeowners assume that if their home is in a safe neighborhood they don’t need an alarm, but that’s not always the case. Living in a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean that you won’t have burglars break in, or that you won’t need an alarm in another situation.  Installing a Home Alarm can get you a discounted rate of your homeowner’s insurance and provide peace of mind, especially if you have children or if you have an elderly relative living in the home.  Home alarms protect you against more than just burglars. In any of these situations having an alarm can prevent tragedy and save lives:

A Fire Or Explosion

If there is a fire in your home a Home Alarm wired into the smoke detectors can immediately alert the alarm monitoring company, who will call the fire department and sent the fire and rescue team to your home. When fires are caught and put out early enough millions of dollars in damage can be prevented.  You could save your home, as well as the lives of your loved ones, by having a Home Alarm that is monitored by a 24 hour alarm company.

A Natural Disaster

If a natural disaster were to occur the phone lines would probably not be working, and the electricity may go out as well. A Home Alarm works wirelessly and will be able to let the alarm monitoring company know that you are in the home and need help, so that the alarm company can send emergency service personnel to rescue you.  Without a Home Alarm you could be stuck in the home for days with no way to alert emergency personnel to your presence.  Having battery operated radios in the house is a good backup plan for emergencies but nothing beats having a Home Alarm that will connect you instantly to people who can help.

A Fall Or Injury

If you have an elderly relative living with you or if you are elderly having home security gives you a way to contact help if you were to fall and need medical attention.  Pressing the alarm button would immediately contact the alarm company who could send medical help to your home. If you have small children a Home Alarm can also be used in the event of a serious injury to the child to summon help so that you can administer first aid.

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