If you’re planning to move, you’re in luck – the high season for moving in the US and Canada is upon us. Late spring and early summer are some of the most desirable times that people choose for their move.

However, at the same time, that means that the moving companies will be the busiest, and you may not be able to find a reputable moving company on short notice. That means that planning is vital. We reached out to seasoned veterans in the moving business – Miracle Movers, to share their experience with families moving.

Start Planning Two Months Ahead

If you know that you will be moving, your planning can start as early as two months prior to the move. One of the first things you should do is have a family meeting where you will explain to your children that the family is moving in a few months. This will give them time to process the information and prepare for the move itself.

You can sit with them and find them a suitable school, show them the future neighborhood if you’re not moving too far away, or if you have the digital files of the new home.

During this pre-packing stage, you will have enough time to handle all of the administrative tasks, such as taking all of your medical records in order to have them for the new doctor. The same goes for your children’s school records and your bills (think internet, electricity, cable, etc.) and mailing address.

Find the Right Movers

In this period, you can start shopping for a moving company. As mentioned before, this is the high season for movers, so reputable companies will likely be busy for weeks ahead. That means that you need to give yourself at least a month to find a suitable moving service.

If you’re planning to DIY the move, this is a step you won’t have to deal with, but you still do need to make sure you can rent a moving van so give yourself some time, too.

Start Packing a Month Ahead of the Move

In weeks leading up to the move, you can start packing your home up. However, there is a simple way for packing not to disrupt your everyday life. If you start packing items that you don’t use regularly, it’s likely you won’t need them before you move, but you will still have done some work.

For instance, your winter clothes are in storage for most of the year, start packing those, as well as things like extra cutlery, books, and some toys your children don’t play with regularly.

Make sure you pack everything tightly so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. However, more importantly, make sure you label everything correctly and in some detail – you will help your movers, as well as yourself when it comes time to unpack.

A Week Ahead of the Move

When it comes to the last week before the move, the majority of the activity will need to be done – after all, you will still be using the majority of your things, like phones, computers, clothes, kitchenware, and more.

However, there are still a few things that you can start planning for before the last day or two. For instance, you can clear your pantry and fridge of excess food. Every day, you can pack more and more items until the last day.

The day before the move, you will only need the bare minimum of things that shouldn’t be packed. Some food, one set of clothes, and phones/computers are pretty much the last things you will pack. Just don’t forget the chargers for your tech.

Once the move day comes, you can do the last tour of the house to ensure everything is packed. With this timeline/checklist, chances are that you will not miss anything, but it doesn’t hurt to check. All there’s left to do is to enjoy your new life in your new home.

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