Every year, there is a huge amount of money invested in waste water treatment as well as to find out the new ways to deal with water pollution. Even water suppliers in the UK are constantly working on sewerage and wastewater management to rectify this problem. If you’re a customer of Severn Trent and want to know about the steps they are taking forward to solve the problem of water pollution, please feel free to call them at Severn Trent Contact Number.In the meanwhile, you can also contribute your share towards a better environment by following these simple steps into your daily lives:

1. Don’t throw away any type of fat, oil or grease in your sink as it can block the pipes and also pollute the water. Instead, keep a jar to collect the discarded fat and throw it away with the solid waste, once it’s full.

2. Many of us have a habit of flushing pills or other medications directly into the toilets which is apparently not a good habit. There are proper disposal mechanism for all kinds of medical wastes and you and check these mechanisms on authorized websites.

3. Always remember that your toilet isn’t your waste basket and hence it shouldn’t be used as one. The tissues, wrappers and other paper waste should be dumped in a real waste basket, rather than in a toilet.

4. Look for a water efficient toilet and in the meanwhile, you can put a brick or 1L bottles in the toilet tanks to reduce your water use per flush.

5. Always make sure to use your dishwasher or washing machines (for clothe) when they’re completely full. This will help you to save energy as well as water.

6. Try to use minimum amount of detergent and bleach while washing your clothes or dishes. The phosphate free soaps and detergents are an ideal choice to reduce the effects of water pollution.

7. Try to minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers as much as possible and never dispose of these harmful chemicals, motor oil, or other automotive fluids into the sanitary sewers.

8. Also, make it your responsibility to make sure that your water supplier has a well and up-to-date Sanitation system. In the end, it’s our responsibility to understand the benefits of cleanliness on human health and do our best to avoid human contact with hazardous materials.

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