Sweet Home With Rugs

Rugs are one of the most versatile and relatively low-cost things that you can use to decorate your home. You can transform your dull and boring living room or bedroom into an exciting one by simply adding a rug to it. Obviously, you need to choose the right color and design and also know where and how to use that rug. There can be numerous ways to decorate your home with rugs. Here, we are sharing four of our favorite tips.

1. Create Segregation

If you have a big hall or room that you use for different purposes, rugs can be used to create a visual segregation. Do you have a big hall, one part of which is used as a living area and the other corner as a dining space? Use rugs of different colours and designs in these areas to create a visual segregation between them. This will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of these areas but also make the place look much better as a whole. Likewise, if one corner of your bedroom is your study room or home-office, let your rug define it.

2. Bind Your Room In A Color Scheme

This is more useful if you are yet to buy your furniture or if you plan to change your existing ones. There are countless varieties of rugs available in the market; choose one of a kind rugs and then define the color scheme for your home’s interior decor. It’s not important to get everything of the same color as your rug, but having one color scheme (matching or contrast) is the best way to give your home a well-arranged look. Your home will look like a collection of bits and pieces picked from here and there if it is not decorated in a color scheme.

3. Balance The Volume

You can use rugs to prevent your home from looking too dull or too bold. A volume-balanced home decor is the best way to create a welcoming feel in your home. If you do not have many ornamental decor items on your walls and if your upholstery is subdued, a rug with bold colors and patterns can enhance the volume of your room decor. If your room already feels overburdened with ornate upholstery or bulky wall décor pieces, you need to bring down that volume with a subtle rug.

4. Experiment With Shapes

What shape comes to your mind when you think about rugs? It definitely is a rectangle, isn’t it? The shape rectangle has been used so much that it has become a defining shape for rugs. But, there are rugs of other shapes like square, oval, and circle. Be a little creative and choose a shape other than a rectangle to give your home a unique look. Be sure to pick a shape that complements your furniture arrangement and other décor items used in the room. Layering rugs is another method to give your home a uniquely beautiful look. You can use a basic rectangle jute rug to cover the bigger floor space and then layer it up with stylishly patterned rugs of different shapes. And don’t forget to use rug liners to keep your rugs in their place. This will keep your floors always beautiful.

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