Tips to Clean Old Mattress Naturally


Cleaning the mattress regularly is important to avoid the development of stains, dirt and mites. At the supermarket, there are specific detergents for cleaning the mattress. But, some of these contain aggressive chemical tools that could ruin the mattress material.

I want to share with you some best way for mattress cleaning, using less aggressive chemical methods, such as steam or baking soda.

Is your Mattress Movable?

Some new types of mattress are removable, especially those in polyurethane such as foam mattresses. This means that the surface cover can be removed with a simple zipper.

The cover washes and removes stains easily in the washing machine. Remember to use the delicate garments cycle and do not overdo the temperature of 30° C.

How do you clean the Mattress?

The cleaning operations should be done a couple of times a year, maybe with the change of season. It is important to check the form of yellowish spots or dust mites. The sanitization of the mattress should never be ignored to avoid unpleasant surprises from smells to the appearance of allergens.

Clean with the Vacuum Cleaner

This is the first step to effectively clean the mattress. It is used to remove dust and dead skin you cannot imagine how much it grows and not only in the most external layers. Using special vacuum cleaners, it has been found that surprising piles of dead skin can be removed which then feed the dust mites.

The vacuum cleaners that professional generally use at home do not have enough power to reach the inner layers, but they still serve to clean the mattress at least in its most superficial layers.

Clean with the Baking Soda

It is the most affordable and simplest method to clean stains from a mattress. Baking soda is a material readily available in any supermarket and has a very low cost. It is used to disinfect fruit or vegetables, but also to clean the house.

It is sufficient to create a mixture of water and bicarbonate to obtain a detergent, antibacterial and anti-odour mixture.

How to Apply it? 

Start removing pillows and linens and air the mattress. Carry out these operations on a well-ventilated to speed up drying after cleaning the mattress. In a bowl, spill your mixture of water and baking soda and start rubbing it on the surface with a delicate brush.

There are no need to overdo the quantities just a couple of spoons in a bowl of water. Do the same on the other side and let the surfaces rest for a few minutes. With a clean and dry cloth, rub the surface of the mattress, removing the bicarbonate that may be left on the surface and any residual dust.

How to remove hard stains from the mattress?

The biggest problem is the dried bloodstains. If the stain is fresh, it may be sufficient to rub it with cold water. If it does not come away, use a little hydrogen peroxide which must be left to act for about 1 hour.

If the stain is already dry, in addition to hydrogen peroxide, you can try lemon to which you need to add salt. Wet the stain on the mattress, and then sprinkle it with lemon juice and then with cooking salt. It is scrubbed with a delicate brush and let dry. At this point, you can clean the mattress with water and bicarbonate to remove odours of lemon that have formed.

Other tools to Clean the Mattress

Hot steam is also a great way to clean the mattress. Steam facilitates the removal of stains, even the most difficult to remove, bad smells.

It is effective against pee, blood and mould stains, a tool similar to a vacuum cleaner which however releases a jet of hot steam. It is the heat that kills germs and bacteria and cleans the mattress.


When you have a small child or pet that is still in danger of peeing on the bed, it’s best to prevent the problem of spot cleaning. For this reason, I advise my readers to best mattress cleaners in Melbourne.


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