Spring Cleaning: What You Should Know


Spring Cleaning

Ahh, spring cleaning- it’s the time where you drop everything so that you can clean the nooks and crannies in your newly purchased house that you got with the help of close construction.

So how hard can it be? Well, people often get overwhelmed with the number of detergents as well as tile cleaners they have to procure to be able to clean. Well, we have compiled some simple notes to think about when you are planning to conduct some summer cleaning as well as tips to make things simpler for you.

Before we become alchemists in our own houses, here are some small things to keep in mind.

Home cleaning recipes often consist of acids or bases — each with their own strengths in tackling different surfaces. However, when you decide to mix them for their all-around capabilities. The acids, as well as the bases,  will cancel each other out resulting in useless, smelly water. If you have the means, you can use them both, but you should never mix them.

Mixing is very dangerous when it comes to acids as well as chemicals like mixing bleach with vinegar might create highly toxic chlorine gas that can be damaging to your internal organs when inhaled directly. The same goes for ammonia and vinegar as well. Same can be said with mixing hydrogen peroxide with bleach. This mixture can cause a putrid explosion!

Everything you use during the summer cleaning might be dangerous so it might be best to use gloves as well as keep them away from children and pets.

Here are some of the components you should know that you can use in your house already.


Vinegar does not only bring an extra acidic flavor to your foods, but they also are a fantastic all-around surface cleaner. What makes the vinegar a fantastic tool for summer cleaning is the fact that it is already available in your cupboard. With the exception of the apple cider vinegar, you can use almost all vinegar you can find in the grocery store.

Lemon Juice

If you do not want the smell of vinegar in your kitchen, another alternative for a weak acid that can be used for all-around purposes is lemon juice. Although it requires a few squeezing, your kitchen will end up with a lemon scent when you are finished. You can even use the leftovers for lemon juice if you get thirsty!

Here are some of the Alkaline bases that you can use in your summer cleaning.

Baking Soda

Baking soda might be a bit weird since it can be both used in baking as well as keeping your toilet clean. This great powder can also keep your refrigerator smelling clean.


It’s toxic, but it is an excellent substance that you can use to clean around the house. However, you should keep these out of reach for children pets as well as absent-minded adults.


This type of cleaning material works better on its own. But it is probably the solution to all your cleaning problems anyway.


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