Window Cleaning

Regular cleanings are required to prevent your windows from accumulating smudges and streaks that block sunlight and prevent you from enjoying the spring and summer seasons.

Though the truth is windows are an easy thing to forget when performing regular home maintenance, and of course, some people don’t see any value in cleaning windows. However, just like anything else, there are crucial reasons you should be concerned with window cleaning, which we’ll discuss today.

Prevents the Degradation of Your Windows

Hard water and acid rain cause debris to build up on your windows, frames, and sills. Aside from the poor aesthetics, acid rain can also damage the glass in your windows over time.

Glass is a porous material, so when dirt particles enter the glass, they can corrode and contaminate your windows. The first sign this has occurred is generally small cracks or light scratches.

Since unmaintained windows are eventually altered on a structural level, they will require a complete replacement. Scheduling regular window cleaning will prevent this and extend the life of your home’s windows.

This is especially important for those who live near construction sites and roadways. Overspray from paint and salt is harmful to your home, but these minerals are easily removed during proper cleanings.

Better Energy Efficiency

Did you know the clarity of your windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency? Dirty windows prevent the sun’s rays from entering your structure, making it colder and draftier than it would be if the windows were clean. It’s also worth noting that windows are a weak insulation point in your home, so when they’re not properly maintained, it can worsen this.

One of the benefits of hiring professional window cleaners is that as they clean, they also locate and repair outer window frames that need minor touches. Issues including window frame corrosion and rot can introduce holes into your structure. This creates openings for unwanted pests and makes it harder to maintain a stable temperature in your house.

Prevents Poor Air Quality

As we mentioned, dirt and dust particles build up on your window glass and sills. This can diminish your building’s air quality, and worse, one such particle that builds up is mold. These spores pose serious health risks, as mold is a health hazard for some people. Long-term exposure can cause problems with the lungs, among other issues. If you notice the air in your home or office is stagnant, window cleaning may help freshen it up.

Protection from Weather

Depending on where you live, the weather can be brutal on your windows. Drier climates produce large amounts of sand and dust particles that blow around with the wind. Much like weathered rocks, your window glass is susceptible to being hit or damaged. When you fail to schedule regular window cleaning services, the accumulation of such particles can scratch your window glass.

Alternatively, wetter climates present their own challenges for window maintenance. Constant dampness of windows can lead to lichen, mold, and mildew buildup, which will eventually spread to your walls if left untreated. If your home is especially bad, hiring professional window cleaning services may be beneficial because they use specialized cleaners that easily wash away nature’s hold.

Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t want a nice-looking home? Clean windows are one of the easiest ways to make your house shine. This is especially true if you live close to a factory or large city, as there’s a pretty good chance your windows are exposed to fine particles from smoke and exhaust fumes. Just like any other type of debris, the discharge builds up on your windows over time and will cause damage if left un-cleaned.

Clear view of the Outside World

There are few things worse than trying to enjoy a beautiful outdoor view through dirty streaks and smudges. Regular window cleaning helps keep your view clear for yourself and your visitors. Better views outside are not great for improving overall morale, but it’s also beneficial for your health with all the added Vitamin D.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, your windows need to be cleaned inside and out several times per year. Most homeowners prefer to clean their interior windows but hire professional home cleaning services to handle the more complicated outdoor windows. Yet, regardless if you clean the windows yourself or hire professionals, the important thing is that it gets done regularly!

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