Need a New Driveway? Try Exposed Aggregate Concrete


If you own your own home which isn’t an apartment or condo, chances are you have a driveway. The look, appearance and quality of a driveway can have a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of any property, which is why it’s important that they’re maintained and refreshed when they begin to look tired.

There are several different choices out there when it comes to driveway materials, but in this article, we’re going to cover exposed concrete aggregate. Read on to learn more.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

We’re all familiar with concrete in its base form. Some of us may even have worked with small quantities of concrete ourselves, using it to form new steps or to infill areas of our gardens. Grey and nondescript is how most people would describe its appearance.

Exposed aggregate on the other hand takes things to a new level. The name is derived from the fact that the aggregate or stones within the concrete solution are visible on the surface. This visibility provides a level of depth to the appearance of concrete that is usually lacking.

In commercial buildings, this type of concrete is typically used in any area which will be visible to the public. Exposed concrete ceilings, walls and columns are thus becoming very popular.

How is This Type of Concrete Made?

The key ingredient is the use of much larger pieces of aggregate than would otherwise be necessary. This is also a great opportunity to add several different colours of aggregate, further enhancing the look.

The process consists of any of the following methods;

  • Seeding the aggregate into the surface by adding it to the concrete once it has been poured.
  • Adding the aggregate into the concrete mix during the batching process.
  • Utilising the aggregate in a separate batch of concrete and adding it to the surface once the slab has been poured.

We usually find that the most cost effective option is seeding the aggregate post pour. Each method has its own advantages and will be specified depending on the overall budget for the project as well as any specific requirements surrounding the type, size and quantity of aggregate.

A Great Looking Finish

As we mentioned, the main benefit to this type of construction is improving the look of concrete finishes. When exposed aggregate has been installed well, you will usually find that it reacts positively to light, glistening whenever rays of light hit the surface.

Driveway Traction

The other benefit is increased levels of tyre traction. Driveways can be a very slippery place when wet – the last thing you need is to have an accident right outside your home which is why specifying a grippier surface is a great choice.

Order Your Concrete

More and more companies are catching on to this new way of casting concrete. Here in Australia, exposed aggregate in Melbourne is now widely available for use around the home and garden. Simply get in touch with a driveway specialist who will be able to provide a quotation and some samples of previous work.

No one likes boring. Improve the appearance of your home’s external areas with exposed aggregate concrete.


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