Make Your Cleaning Faster and More Efficient with These Tips

Home Cleaning

If you’re like most people, you really don’t like cleaning all that much – and that’s OK. However, you do need to know that cleaning your home is important and that it needs to be done. So, unless you’re hiring a cleaning company to help you with it, all there is to do is dig in.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make the cleaning go by faster and ways to speed things along. Our friends at Not Your Own Cleaning shared some of their favorite tricks on how to speed up your cleaning process.

Start Big

If you look at the mess in your house and immediately feel discouraged, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. You need to start somewhere, and whatever you come up with just brings you into conflict with other things that need to be cleaned first, or so it seems. It’s easy to just give up and look for an excuse to stop cleaning and do something more fun.

However, there is a simple psychological trick to convince your brain that you’re making progress even though you’re just at the start. And that is starting with the very big things. If your house is a mess, chances are that there are a lot of clothes and papers strewn around. Start with these.

Putting away the biggest offenders will suddenly free up a lot of space – making you feel like you’ve done a much bigger job than you really have. But motivation is important and you should use that to push on.

Fill Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine as You Go

As you’re going around the house, you will probably come across a bunch of things that need to be washed – both clothes and dishes. These tasks are likely on your list. However, you can make your life much easier by just filling these two machines as you go – a plate here, a glass there, while moving from room to room.

You will end up filling these devices without really putting any effort in it and devoting time to it. All you need to do now is put the detergent in them, start them, and you will have checked two pretty big boxes off of your list.

Use the Wet Wipes

There are a lot of different surfaces that need to be cleaned in your house – anything from your TV screen to your bookshelves to the mirror in your bathroom. And all of these surfaces require a different cleaning product and a clean (preferably specialized) cloth or cleaning utensil. Or so we have been trained to think by the advertising industry.

If you looked at any of those cleaning products, you would discover just how similar they are in composition. And they are also identical to standard wet wipes. So why not make your life a bit easier and clean some things with wet wipes – they are readily available and when you’re done, you can just throw them out, no cleaning the cleaning equipment.

Squeegee Is Your Friend

You’ve probably used a squeegee to clean your car and maybe your home’s windows. What you probably don’t know is just how easy and simple cleaning any large flat surface is with a squeegee.

All you need is a bit of a cleaning solution and some water, and your bathroom walls and floors, as well as the shower are cleaned in seconds instead of taking forever.

Working smart and not hard has always been the goal of people in just about every industry. Well, why would cleaning be any different? Try these at home and see how much free time you will have on cleaning days.


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