Wasps are pests which can infest any home. These pests will keep on buzzing around properties where they can find what they need – food and shelter. Seeing hornets and wasps can be risky as they can be aggressive once triggered.


Stings from wasps can be deadly because of the venom it releases. Before this pest or insects cause any health problems, better eliminate them before they get you.

Let’s not take this any longer, let us know ways on how you can keep your home free from wasps successfully.

1. Seal trashcans and get rid of food sources

Wasps are very attracted to leftover food from you and your pets. They will buzz around to get their needs. Also, sealing trashcans can help in keeping your home free from wasps. They will not stop coming to your property when they see food sources and open trashcans. Lotions and perfumes with sweet scents are attractive too to wasps.

2. Put wasp traps outside

Nobody wants to experience a wasp sting, and it includes you. To keep your home wasp-free at all times, putting wasp traps can help. Pouring a sweet liquid can entice wasps to fly down to your traps. You can either buy traps from stores or make one yourself.

3. Repair broken fixtures

The broken fixtures in your home can be a cause of why wasps are flying around your property. The destroyed panels, gaps, crevices and more are what those pests look for whenever they need a home to stay. In those fixtures, they can build their nest which is hard to remove in the end. Also, the gaps, cracks, and holes found in your home can also attract other pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

4. Use water and soap mixture

If you want to keep your home free from wasps in an eco-friendly manner, using a mixture of water and soap is a good idea. Spraying the mixture on the nest will kill those pests immediately because the soap can block the pores of wasps which they used for breathing. Once sprayed, they will have a hard time breathing which can lead to their death eventually.

5. Call a professional exterminator

Controlling wasps on your own can be a huge problem as they can sting you once they feel threatened. A single sting can already be painful. Thus, to keep you safe and to have a pest-free home, a professional exterminator is the best solution as he knows how to handle wasps and can apply proper treatment.

That’s it! These five tips can help you get a wasp-free home all year round. Letting wasps, insects, bugs, or pests infest your property can lead to inconveniences and damages which are more expensive. So, follow these tips to give you a cleaner and healthier environment.

In addition, if you live in Lake Norman you call professional wasp control operators nearby to help you get rid of wasps from your environment.

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