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Pests and insects in the residential area create a great problem for many people. There are different types of pests or insects that can easily enter in premise’s indoor or outdoor areas. These pests and insects can cause great damage to house members, property, food material, and other things. These insects can be ticks, fleas, termites, bedbugs, beetles, wasps, etc. Out of these different pests, wasps are very common pests that can be easily found in your houses. Wasps live in large colonies. They are mostly found in the summertime. These wasps live in nests and are most active in the daytime and in dark, they go back to their nests. These wasps can easily enter your home through windows and doors. They make their nest inside the home and bit the human and pets which can be very dangerous. Further, it’s also not safe for many people to remove or kill these wasps as they can bit back in their defense. The wasp sting can cause various serious health issues also. Thus, most people find it difficult to remove these wasps.

But don’t worry as there are some safest methods available through which one can easily remove or kill wasps in the house. These methods can also be used for wasps nest removal. Melbourne pest controls experts here provide the preventions and different ways through which one can remove these wasps in the house.

Various ways to get rid of wasps:

  1. Soap solution spray: To remove the wasp nest one can use soap-based sprays. But one should always use these sprays at night time as the wasp is not much active during dark and nights. So they don’t attack at night time. One can use the following soap-based solution for wasp nest removal.
  • Using dishwashing soap and water: Instead of chemical pesticides, one can easily use the soap and water as a natural pesticide to remove the wasps. Under this method, simply take 5-8 tablespoons dishwashing detergent and half a cup of water. Then properly mix them and put them into a spray bottle. Spray this solution in the night directly on the wasp nest and then quickly vacant that area or hide somewhere. One needs to repeat this process 1-2 times more so that wasp can directly come into contact with water and soap. While using these methods one should properly cover them to save them from a wasp sting.
  • Using soap, vinegar, and water: Vinegar is also a good home-based ingredient that can be used to get rid of wasps. Under this method, take 4-5 tablespoon liquid soap, 6-7 tablespoon vinegar, and half cup water. Mix all these ingredients and put them into a spray bottle. If the wasp nest is near the doors or ground area then you don’t need a spray bottle. Just simply pour this solution directly on the nests and wasp to kill them. But if the wasp nest is in the roof or at the higher area where one can’t directly reach then spraying this solution through the spray bottle is the best way to kill the wasps.
  1. Soda bottle trap: Another way to remove the wasp is using a soda bottle trap to cough the wasp. Wasp is attracted to sweet food so we can use the sweets as a trap to get rid of these wasps.  So take a soda bottle and put some liquid sweet and sweet soda in the bottle. Now, place this soda bottle near the wasp nest. And let it there for few hours. Wasps will get attracted to this liquid sweet and will fall inside the bottle. This method is effective but it is less preferred by people as sometimes it can kill the wasp. So one should carefully use this soda bottle trap. One should try to use that type of sweet liquid that has a very strong smell and a small amount of it can be used to attract the wasp. By doing so the wasps will not die inside the bottle they can be easily caught and can be left somewhere else for their survival.
  2. Smoke them out: One of the most effective and preventive ways to remove the wasps and wasp nest without killing the wasps is using the smoke. The wasps consider the smoke as a natural danger signal like a forest fire and they immediately left the place. This method involves the following steps:
  3. Light a fire near the wasp nest
  4. One can use cardboard, paper, small woods, bushes, etc. to light up the fire.
  5. Let the fire burn for at least 1-3 hours.
  6. These methods are only suitable for aerial wasps nest-like, nest hanging higher on the trees, etc. and are not suitable for indoor nests like near the door, etc.
  7. Always do this method in the night time so that these wasps can’t do any damage


Removing these wasps by using different homemade methods is not enough. To ensure in future these wasps don’t cause any problem one need to take various serious measures to prevent their premises from these wasps so here Melbourne Pest Control provides you the following preventive measure which can be used to permanently remove these wasps in the home. These preventions are as follows:

  • Properly examine all the entry points of wasps like small holes, unsealed vents, loose siding, cracked near windows or doors, etc. Simply seal all these entry points to prevent the home from wasps.
  • Remove the source of food from your garden or outdoor area which can attract these wasps.
  • During the wintertime, if you find any vacant wasp nest in your home or garden area then simply remove it as soon as possible.
  • In summer day times try to keep your doors and windows shut to stop these wasps.
  • Place different wasps repelling green plants in your garden and near windows, and doors of your premise to prevent your home from these wasps.
  • Properly seal your garbage bins so that wasps in the house don’t find any source of food to live there.
  • The best way for wasps nest removal is to use a fake nest. Simply hang a fake nest near your home. Wasps are very territorial they will not make their nest near the other nest.
  • If you find any hole in your garden then simply cover it properly with soil.
  • If in your garden area there is any fruit tree then daily clean that area as fallen fruits in the garden attract these wasps and other insects.

Professional wasp control service:

But if even after all these ways one is unable to get rid of these wasps then don’t worry as they can get professional help. Various experts are there, who are specialists in safely removing the wasps without killing them. Like Melbourne Pest Control provides the best wasp removal and wasp nest removal services in Melbourne. The experts use technical ways to remove these wasps without causing any damage to these wasps and house members. Wasps pest control Melbourne also facilities the permanent removal of these wasps. For more details, one can easily contact the experts.

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