The importance of regular cleaning of your air ducts cannot be neglected. Duct cleaning in Melbourne is important not only to increase the heating and cooling system’s life, but also to improve global performance. Dirty ducts can lead to system obstructions. You can easily identify if you have a stuck duct because it stifles the airflow into the room with a stuck duct. There will be a hotter or cooler room in your home than in other rooms. Many people wonder how long the cleaning of the duct takes, but many people only think it is a long process. The cost-effective and speedy services for the cleaning of pipelines would surprise you.

When to clean up your air ducts?

Cleaning ducts is a process dependent on your ducts’ dirtiness. The more dirty the air canals are, the longer it takes to clean the air canals. The number of different factors may depend on how often duct cleaning in Melbourne houses are needed. Please ask a professional how often the cleaning of the duct should take place at home. When you are in doubt, asking a professional for advice is always the best idea. You should look for higher temperature rooms. Excessive heating or cooling charges should be looked for as well.

Many people wonder how long the cleaning of the duct takes. You should not feel embarrassed about that common question. Checking your air pipes is an important element in ensuring your heating and cooling system longevity. Most systems have 10 to 15 shafts to be cleaned. You can expect the cleaning process to last between two to four hours if you have a two-man team working in conjunction with your system. This is just an estimation of the time it takes to clean up your canal. The time it takes will depend on a number of factors like how many ducts you have, how many duct cleaners in Melbourne a company has, and how many people are available.

It’s difficult to tell how much time it takes to clean the duct without having proper information about your home dimensions. The time it takes to purify the HVAC system of a house depends on several variables, including:

  • House dimensions
  • HVAC component size and number
  • Amount of stain accumulation
  • Number of duct cleaners in Melbourne who work on the work

An accurate time estimate can simply not be provided if the required information is not provided. Be sceptical about any quote that does not take these factors into account!

Exceptions do exist, however. According to the EPA, if you notice: Your ducts should be cleaned or replaced in the following cases:

Too much dust

It does not only mean a a lot of pollution in the house but also from the supply records. The records should never expel visible pollution in the drawing area.


A major health crisis can come from insects and rodents. If you see critters in your air ducts, you are sure that droppings are present and also in the ducts.

Damage to water

A mold’s breeding ground is water-damaged canals. But the damage source must be addressed and the necessary repairs completed before you have.

When done correctly, an expert duct cleaner will remove dust completely of your ducts. But this shall not remain clean always. As long as your heater or cooling system is used by you, dust shall still be accumulated in the ducts as before.

Dust is going to be there forever. Irrespective of the times you clean it on regular basis, it shall exist in the house. The same theory is also applied to the ducts.

It is to be understood that the dust in your canals hangs on the surface. Not everything ends in your drawing-room. Therefore, we do not advise duct cleaning in Melbourne more often than just every few years.

As mentioned before, dust in the house composes of a wide range of particles, including dirt, dust mites, pollen, hair and animal fur, and the typical dust mix. It is a myth that sprinkling these particles in your airways poses a health risk. But, in those who are sensitive to it, we know that these particles can cause allergies and other symptoms. Even if dusty air piping does not mean impure air, it can lead to major health problems. For example, dust mites produce allergens known to asthma patients as triggers. Actually, 64% of asthma patients are affected by dust.

Thus, these statistics make it important to clean the air ducts on regular basis without thinking about the time it will take to clean the ducts. Once in a while, it is okay to invest money and time in improving the air quality of your house. Hence, if you wish to know the accurate time your air ducts will need for a clean-up, call our duct cleaners in Melbourne without any hesitation.

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