7 Smart Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season Home cleaning

Getting ready for the holidays involves more than buying gifts and preparing elaborate meals. Whether you’ll entertain guests or hitting the road, there are several steps you should take to get your house holiday-ready.


The holidays can produce a lot of clutter in your life. This includes decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags, cards and letters, and more.

Before you even consider stringing up a set of lights, the professional home cleaners at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC recommend cleaning out any unessential belongings. Luckily, the end of the year is an excellent time to do charitable works since you’re likely to have a pile of unwanted clothes for donation.

It is also imperative to do some cleaning this time of the year since there is a chance that you will be entertaining guests this holiday.

Add a Festive Touch

Every holiday requires a set of decorations. Whether you will be bursting out the menorah or kinara, or accepting the tinsel out, decorating is one of the best methods to get into the holiday spirit.

Once the intense cleaning and maintenance work is done, consider hosting a decorating party.

Play your favorite set of holiday records, bring out your yuletide decor, and start hanging them on the wall while enjoying the tune.

Add Night Lights

This is not limited to just hanging some Christmas lights.

We suggest that you check each corner and dim spaces at home, and consider installing a new bulb. Tall lamps are also excellent in raising the level of light. Just make sure they complement your furniture in terms of shape, texture, and color.

Keep in mind that adding lights this holiday does not have to be a financial strain. You can still reuse the decorations you used last Christmas.

Make Space in the Entryway

The entryway is the first thing that your visitors will see. So why treat your entryway like a complete afterthought?

You can use innovative design innovations to get organized, brighten the space, and make the greatest first impression possible. Go beyond the welcome mat and make sure your entryway speaks precisely what you want.

Ready Your Kitchen

If you have exquisite chinawares and utensils that you bring out during special occasions, consider using them this Yuletide season.

Pick a time and day when you will bring out and clean your kitchenware. That way, they are ready to use when you host a party for the holidays.

Dress Up Your Bathroom

Bring toilet paper, towels, and toiletries out of hiding, and put them on open shelves so guests can spot them easily. If you don’t have adequate wall space for racks, put them in empty baskets around the bathroom.

Also, equip each tub with a bath mat (to avoid falls) and every toilet with a plunger (to avoid embarrassment).

Fire-Proof Your Christmas Tree

If your holiday decorations include a tree, you would want to take a few safety precautions.

Christmas trees are one of the primary causes of house fires. Hence, you’ll want to assure your tree stays as fresh and well-watered as possible to lessen that risk.

When you take it home, cut an inch or so off the bottom before putting it in water. Make sure that it always has sufficient water to cover the base of the trunk. This means refilling it daily.

Place the tree up away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight, and consider using a room humidifier to prevent it from drying out.

Preparing your home for the holidays can be cumbersome. But it also means that you are an excellent host for your friends and family. And being a host can be a great honor and a great deal of fun, with solid preparation and some joyful organization. Happy holidays!


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