Your kid’s room serves as a haven. But that does not mean that you will let your kids turn their room into a pigsty.

With that said, you have to think of different ways to ensure that your kid’s room stays clean and organized. Here are several tips that will help you get on the right track:

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can make a room look dirtier than it is. That’s why we at Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC start many of our cleaning sessions with a decluttering first. That way, it’s much easier to clean the room. Fewer things get in the way of your cleaning.

While you’re decluttering, this might also be the best time to start figuring out which items you want to keep and which ones you can throw away, donate, or sell. Of course, remember to ask your kids for help when doing the decluttering.

Have a Place for Everything

It’s challenging to keep a clean and organized room because of the lack of storage solutions available. That’s why you should make sure that you get your kids the storage spaces that they need.

You should also work out an organized system for their items with them. That way, they’re aware of where things should be in which storage.

Create Grab-and-Go Station

When your kids come home from a long day of school, their initial thought is to fling away their school supplies, like their backpack and lunchbox. Please don’t encourage this habit, or else their room can be clean one minute and disorganized the next.

With that said, you can create a specific area in their room where they can place the items that they frequently grab and go. You can call this the grab-and-go station.

That way, their backpack and other things they fling away once they’re home aren’t all over the place.

Maximize Vertical Space

If there’s no more vast space in your kid’s room for additional storage solutions, you can instead look at the available vertical space. You can add shelving to these areas that will be an extra storage space.

Of course, the items they use the least often should be at the higher, out-of-reach shelves. The things they use most often should be lower.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

If your kid’s room is small, you can use multi-purpose furniture to ensure that your kid has everything they need without it taking up too much space. It’s a lot easier to have a tidy room, the fewer items there are in it. That’s why multi-purpose furniture can make your kid’s room look more organized.

Stay Sane With Storage

Your kids will have a smaller room than yours, but the number of items that they need is a lot. Thus, it’s essential to have enough storage space available.

However, make sure that you don’t put too many storage solutions in the room, or these storage solutions can be the ones making your kid’s room look crowded.

Teach Your Kids to Help Clean

Too many parents have coddled their kids to the point where they cannot have the self-discipline to keep their rooms clean. That’s why you must instill the value of cleanliness in your kids at a young age.

It will help teach them a greater sense of responsibility. At the same time, your kids can stay in a clean and sanitized room.


Your kid’s room is their personal space at home. Hence, it would make sense to teach them to be responsible for keeping it clean and organized.

To ensure that your kid’s room is clean and organized most of the time, you have to teach them these values yourself. That way, even without your monitoring, you’re still able to have your kid’s room stay clean and organized.

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