How to Get Rid of Annoying Tree Stumps in the Garden

Tree Stumps in the Garden

For some homeowners, the garden is of great importance, and there would be so much you could do, if it weren’t for those tree stumps that are dotted around. A large tree stump could be used as a table, although it would have to be in the right location, and aside from that, there isn’t a lot you can do with a tree stump. Removing such a thing used to be a major operation, as most species of trees have either deep or spreading roots, and unless you have a few burly labourers with axes in your team, it isn’t going to happen. At least that is the way it used to be, but technology has brought the stump grinder into our world, and this device literally eats stumps!

Stump Grinding

This innovative machine is attached to a tractor, and with twin tungsten carbide discs that spin at a fast rate, the unit is gently lowered onto the stump, and as it goes, it turns the stump into wood chips. The grinder can reach as far down as one metre, which effectively remove the roots and this allows you to use the area for whatever you wish. In a single session, a stump grinder can remove 5 or 6 tree stumps, leaving the area ready for a new landscaping plan, which might include building a terrace or a small waterfall. If you live in Western Australia, there is affordable stump removal in Perth from an established arborist who can handle stumps of any size.

Repairing the Ground

Reinstating the ground is an important part of the stump removal process, where the roots and woodchips are replaced with sand, and this allows for the area to be reused. You might want to create a pathway or dig out some flower borders where the stump once was, and with a little tidying up, you would never know there was ever a tree there at all. If you plan to build something on that area, then roots can also be ground down around the stump area, which eliminates all traces of the stump. You might want to keep the wood chippings, as they are very useful for covering flower borders and prevent weed growth.

Online Solutions

If you are wondering how to make contact with a company that offers stump grinding, and an Internet search will give you the contact details of a local company, who can pop round and give you a free quote. They also remove trees of all sizes, and would be happy to undertake a regular maintenance contract that includes tree care, and once those ugly tree stumps are out of the way, you can utilise the area once again.

Having a stump grinder to remove the tree stumps in your garden wouldn’t be expensive, and with a complete removal job, you can design and create something unique in your garden without having to bypass those tree stumps.


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